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Unlikely Clay

Dr. Clay Smith, the Lead Pastor at Alice Drive Baptist Church, writes a semi-weekly blog relating to the church, current events, sermon series or other things that are relevant to life today.  


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  • Refusing to Stand for the Pledge…

    Oct 16, 2017 | 20:03 pm

    Refusing to Stand for the Pledge… I approached fourth grade with dread.  Everyone knew the meanest teacher in the school was Mrs. Hendon, and I was assigned to her class.  That first day began as all school days did: the bell would ring, the principal would come on the PA system, and intone: “Please stand for the pledge of allegiance to […]

  • To Think It is to Do It – Sometimes…

    Oct 13, 2017 | 11:53 am

    To Think It is to Do It – Sometimes… I was taught to think something is to do it.  No doubt Mama taught me this so I could learn to control my thoughts.  It didn’t quite work that way.  Too often I would think something, and then decide since I already thought it, I might as well do it.  This explains the failure of […]

  • Hef’s Answers

    Oct 6, 2017 | 17:03 pm

    Hef’s Answers Dallas Willard, philosopher and Jesus follower, said all people are trying to find the answers to four questions: What is reality? Who is well off? Who is a good person? How do you become a good person? Hugh Hefner died last week.  Founder of Playboy, he sought to redefine “what is a good life?”  How […]

  • What Happens in Vegas

    Oct 3, 2017 | 17:39 pm

    What Happens in Vegas (NY Times photo) I could have been there. I like country music.  If I had been in Vegas Sunday night, I might have bought a ticket and gone to the show in the shadow of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  I could have listened to the music, swayed a little, and lived in a moment of […]

  • Seven Lies We Tell Ourselves

    Sep 22, 2017 | 02:30 am

    Seven Lies We Tell Ourselves I lie to myself; so do you.  We try to create our own fake news to keep real reality at arm’s length. Lies we tell ourselves: “I’m not that bad.” Compared to whom?  Maybe I’m not that bad compared to the drunk driver who kills someone; compare me to perfection – Jesus – and I […]

  • Who is God?

    Sep 14, 2017 | 23:16 pm

    Who is God? A Cub Scout troop was sleeping out under the stars; at least, that’s what their Scoutmaster thought.  He was snoring away while the boys were telling stories, pondering life, and looking at the Milky Way.  One boy said, “What do you suppose God is really like?” The boy whose dad ran a manufacturing plant said, […]

  • Walking Away…

    Sep 7, 2017 | 21:41 pm

    Walking Away… A re-telling of an old story: There was this young, hot-shot politician who was on the fast track. A sharp young man, he was shrewd enough that he wanted to cover all his religious bases. He had heard about a new preacher in town and wanted to be sure and get him on his side. […]

  • Is Your Character Growing?

    Sep 1, 2017 | 15:09 pm

    Is Your Character Growing? Your mind is amazing.  It thinks so fast you don’t know you are thinking. Like right now. Your eyes receive light patterns.  The patterns are sent to the brain.  The brain recognizes the patterns as words.  You don’t read the individual letters.  You don’t sound out the word.  Your brain translates the sentences into meaning […]

  • Lessons from an Earthworm…

    Aug 29, 2017 | 15:07 pm

    Lessons from an Earthworm… Have you noticed the earthworms in the mornings?  In my neighborhood, they crawl up during the night (or after a hard rain), and make their way onto the street pavement.  I guess the asphalt looks like dirt to them.  They try to burrow into the asphalt, but they can’t. Walking through the neighborhood one morning, […]

  • Your Next Step…

    Aug 22, 2017 | 16:09 pm

    Your Next Step… Babies go from crawling to walking.  Teenagers go from walking to driving.  Adults go from driving to praying when their teenagers start to drive.  You have a next step, no matter what stage you are in life. You have a next step spiritually.    It’s up to you to decide if you take or not.  […]


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